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4 weeks ago  

Vickie is passionate about her work and truly moved by those around her. Spending time with her is recommended, in any capacity!

Sarah VanHoose

1 month ago  

Vickie is a fantastic teacher. Not only does she know the body and how it functions, but she is also attuned to students' emotions and how they are tied to/part of the body. As a result, I leave her classes feeling a sense of integration that I would not feel attending a spin class, for example. She is playful, thoughtful, and incredibly skilled at modifying moves/postures to accommodate those healing an injury.

Kathleen Hussein Gutierrez

3 years ago  

Moving and dancing with Vickie brings me great joy! She is an inspiring teacher, and creates a supportive, encouraging community in her classes. I have been dancing with Vickie for 12 years. It is such a unique experience; I encourage anyone to give her Nia or yoga classes a try. Every time, I come away energized and renewed. So much gratitude and appreciation for what Vickie has brought to my life.

Mary Alice Connors

3 years ago  

Great interactive dance workout

Sydney Kissinger

3 years ago  

Vickie's teaching is masterful and inspiring! Her classes are equal parts sweaty, fun, mindful, and healing. She has visibly studied a variety of movement forms and modalities, and this shines through in her dance and continuous creativity. One thing I think really stands out about her teaching is her ability to read a room and modify/demonstrate a move at all levels. Her yoga classes, similarly, are such a dynamic blend of asana, breathwork, and mindfulness – I always learn something new about the postures and my body in each class I take with her!

Allison Wright

3 years ago  

I am always, ALWAYS glad that I came to one of Vickie's Nia classes. Each class leaves me with a great workout for the whole body, including all those important little intrinsic muscles and connective tissues that tend to be ignored or overused in more traditional workouts. It is ideal for simultaneously conditioning and strengthening, as well as healing any injuries I may be nursing. I'm often amazed at how Nia is almost prescriptive in how well it targets and treats sore, overworked muscles or misalignments of the body (hello - too much keyboarding or yardwork, anyone?). As an added bonus, the creative movement opportunities in Vickie's Nia class give me a sensation of heightened spirit, positive emotional connection to myself and others (similar to the more familiar "yoga high"), and above all, FUN. Vickie creates a great space for release and play via an artistic and customizable approach to physical exercise. Highly recommend!

Val Prothero

4 years ago  

Blong Yang

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