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4 months ago  

Columbia Plumbing arrived on time, checked my five toilets, found installation defects (advised me of a simple fix), replaced flappers only as needed, and completed repairs all within one hour. Work is quality, crew is professional, and rate is reasonable.

Ted Fetner

10 months ago  

Alex Lott

10 months ago  

Great company with a ton of knowledge. Highly recommend!

Casey Goodrich

10 months ago  

Andrew Higgins

10 months ago  

Masterworker are rare to find during a drought of skilled tradesmen. Not with Columbia plumbing. Columbia Plumbing quit school because of recess because THEY DONT PLAY !!! Keep up the great work guys.

Richard Atkinson Jr

1 year ago  

Good plumbers are hard to find. Expert plumbers are even harder to find. Columbia Plumbing has one of the best plumbers in the southeast in my opinion. As a small business owner, I’d highly recommend them to any of my friends or family.

Don Miller

2 years ago  

Nolley does great work and is an expert in his field. He is always on time and takes very good care of my customers.

Brendon Rumsey

2 years ago  

Industry veteran with 50+ years of experience in all avenues of plumbing. Specializes in Rinnai tankless water heater installs and services.

Zach Santiago

2 years ago  

The best in Columbia.

Clint Griffiths

4 years ago  

Very trustworthy honest and firs the job right the first time.

Jon Winford

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