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2 days ago  

The mold remedial process was carried out by Martin and Cripin from accutech, great job,polite, respectful of my stuff and art work,all packed and labeled…great job guys thanks..

Michel Tcherevkoff

2 months ago  

Last month, over the weekend, I had a water pipe burst in the ceiling of my office building. Since it happened on the weekend, nobody was there and so it ran until the ceiling in the kitchen fell. Monday morning when I called Accutech, they were at my office within 1 hour, and in around 2 hours, had the excess water soaked up, and approx. 15 fans and 3 dehumidifiers running. We let the machines run for 5 days, and it completely dried out the floor/walls. The following Monday they sent a restoration crew, and in TWO days, had everything patched/fixed/painted, they did a GREAT job! I highly recommend them. David O.

David Oriente

2 months ago  

Accutech was fantastic to work with and by far the easiest part of our roof leak to deal with. Everyone that was sent to us were great, fast, and professional. Handled everything incredibly fast. Thanks again!

Josh Aaron

4 months ago  

Crispin and Martin were great to work with. Answered all of my uniformed questions with patience and expertise. Both extremely hard working and paid attention to detail.

Mary Wallace

4 months ago  

We had water enter our condo, which caused significant mold in our walls and in our carpeting. John, the owner, came over the same day we contacted him to analyze the situation. Remedial repairs and remodeling were done, with many moving parts and lots of coordination. Wish we knew all the names of the workers that worked on our project, but hats off to all of them! Quality work. Good people. A special thank you to Katrina, who works in the office. She was outstanding. Thank you to John, the owner, Jeff, Norma and Katrina. It took the efforts of the entire team.

Patti Baker

6 months ago  

I am the project manager for a mold restoration project. The owners are out of town, which made communication more challenging. My initial contact was with Rob Hodgson. Rob advised me to contact Bilotta Environmental to measure the mold spore count and prepare a scope of work required for remediation. Based on the scope of work, Rob quoted the cost to complete the required work. There was a need for revised quotes as the work progressed. Rob is an excellent communicator and always delivered the revised quotes promptly. The project was quite involved from a mold perspective—drywall, all the flooring, and wallpaper. Rob is assisting in determining if the cabinets are repairable or more cost-effective to replace. I cannot offer enough praise to Crispen and Martin, who did all the demolition work. They did an excellent job of keeping me informed and helping me make decisions as unique situations came up. They were in constant communication. I always knew when they were coming and when they had to leave to assist on another project, they called me. While Rob was the Project Manager, Crispen and Martin were the keys to successful remediation. I spent my career in the construction industry and knew the value of excellent communication. I never felt out of the loop. The mold spore retest came back clean. I can only hope that the other vendors I will work with will be as efficient and professional as Crispen, Martin and Rob.

John Sedenquist

7 months ago  

August 31/20. I received a phone call emergency in MA: "the water heater has burst and flooded your condo and the neighbor underneath!" Where to turn in my desperation for long-distance help?. Accutech's name was suggested. It could not have been more satisfactory in any way! Brad Ries took charge. Estimates were submitted, drying out and cleaning up began. We got a plumber to replace the culprit water tank. Repairs and repainting went forward smoothly. Bills were settled. But in January I called Brad regarding some curling linoleum in a closet: he came to see it promptly. He gave me a sub-contractor's name (flooring specialist). That recommendation was wholly satisfactory: i.e. the contact came to my condo shortly and right on schedule as promised to repair the water tank closet floor. A superb team. All this "crisis" results in an unexaggerated 5 star rating. Gordon L

beverly sutton

7 months ago  

I had a water and mold problem caused by leaking pipes from the floor above my condo. To remediate this problem, dry wall, baseboards, and a bathroom vanity had be torn out. The two technicians - Martin and Cristian - did an absolutely wonderful job! They were hard working, efficient, and careful with my furnishings and belongings. They were able to remove a marble countertop and three large wall mirrors without any damage to them. They were polite, answered questions, and made me feel confident that they were experts with this kind of remediation. I highly recommend Martin and Cristian.

Sharon Sargent

9 months ago  

A great water restoration company! As an adjuster, I have worked with many different disaster restoration companies. As with many Florida tradesmen and businesses, I have found some less then preferred, with only profit being important. This family business, I have worked with, on several projects, since I moved to the area in 1999.  I find they strive to make the client/insured fully satisfied. The owner is very informative, and to this day, should I have a construction question, I know I can call on John and company!

Charles J.

9 months ago  

In July 2020, we discovered a broken water line after four days of leaking in a detached guest house on our waterfront property in Bradenton, Florida. My insurance company dispatched ACCUTECH RESTORATION AND REMODELING. The water mitigation team led by Ryan saved the building from certain mold and destruction over a period of one month. The remodel team led by Rob, put my very unique building back together expeditiously and professionally to a condition which actually exceeded in quality and function how it was before the damage occurred. The front office led by Katrina was amazingly easy and cooperative to work with. The entire experience dealing with this unfortunate situation was as good as it possibly could have been. No request was too much to ask. The entire staff worked with me tirelessly to affect a positive end result. As a 36 year Airline Captain, I hold my work to a very high standard. The staff at Accutech all lived by this exacting and high standard. I could not be happier with the result and I could not recommend a company higher than ACCUTECH Resoration and Remodeling any higher. Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to restore my precious and unique detached guest house to where it is today. Sincerely and very Respectfully. Justin

Justin Pavoni

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